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Meet The Owner


Gloria Mazaheri

Owner, Esthetician & Lash Stylist

Makeup Artist Specializing in Bridal Makeup

I am a trained and Certified Lash Extentionist. Lashing for me started out as a hobby. I first learned how to lash by painstakingly applying individual synthetic lashes onto my own natural lashes approximately 10 years ago. Do not try this at home...lost a lot of lashes learning how to lash. I went on to lash a couple friends with success but soon realized that lashing was less a priority at the time than being a full time mom to three children and supporting my husband with a growing business.

Ooh La Lashes was born in July 2013. I anxiously picked up the tweezers in April when my friend Amy asked me to lash her. Curious as to whether I still had a steady hand, I did. Amy was pleased and I was relieved. Word of mouth quickly spread and I was asked to join the team at Infinity Skin Spa, located in Lititz, PA.  


Lashing is my passion. I love listening to my clients tell me what they want, how they want their eyes to look, their desire to look younger, look less tired, more awake, not have to wear mascara or look like a raccoon halfway through their day. I imagine how they looked when they were younger and how applying the correct set of eye lash extensions can enhance already naturally beautiful eyes and reflect their youthful spirit.

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