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Lash Out At   Cancer

 "This isn't just a job. It is a mission. It's a purpose, and I think when you do that every day you are so much more fulfilled."

Gloria Mazaheri, owner of Ooh La Lashes, Ltd., was inspired to start her business creating custom lash extensions when she watched a friend with cancer lose her lashes during chemo. Gloria found her true love and passion was helping patients who completed their chemo and were ready to start a new chapter in their lives. Gloria has dedicated her life to helping patients on their journey to recovery. Ooh La Lashes offers cancer patients the gift of FREE lash extensions to help them look and feel beautiful again.

“Lashing cancer survivors for free is a natural extension of what lashing means to me. Lash Out At Cancer gives voice to women who have battled, survived, and face living a ‘new normal’ with cancer. Their story of courage and determination to look and feel good again is an inspiration to many. Lashing can effectively ‘change the face of cancer’ one cancer patient survivor at a time,” said Mazaheri.

Perhaps it was her own story that deeply connected her to these cancer survivors. Gloria was in a major car accident and suffered trauma to her face. She became disfigured, felt ugly on the outside, embarrassed, self-conscious and knew that the outside did not reflect how she felt on the inside.

 Mazaheri continued, “We are a work of art designed by life's circumstances and choices. Sometimes, life's circumstances may leave scars & reveal flaws in the masterpiece.  Oohlalashes was created to provide extensions and other enhancement services free of charge for cancer survivors in order to help restore their sense of beauty and hope.”


If your eyes are the window to the soul, your lashes are the frames.

In the Press:Eyelash salon in Lancaster County helping women with cancer regain their confidence

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