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About Lash Extensions

"If the eyes are the window to the soul,

then your lashes are the frames"



Hybrid Full Set $250

Our fullest and most natural set.

Fills $69

To maintain fullness, we recommend getting filled every 2-3 weeks.

How Eye Lash Extensions Work

A single synthetic lash is applied individually one at a time to your own individual natural lash.

The number of applied lashes vary and can range anywhere from fifteen to eighty lashes per eye depending on your desired look.

Each synthetic lash is applied with medical grade adhesive.

Why Choose Lash Extensions?

If you would like fuller, longer, sexier and natural looking lashes, then eye lash extensions are for you!


Eyelash extensions are a safe and beautiful way to extend the length and thickness of your own natural eye lashes.


Like your own natural lashes, semi-permanent synthetic lashes last through the natural life cycle of your own lashes.


Synthetic lashes come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, curls, and colors that can be customized to any type and shape eyes to achieve a desired look.


The eye lash extensions are made from a variety of high quality materials including:


Synthetic Minks and Silks

100% Siberian Mink Fur


Synthetic eye lashes are all made to look, behave, and feel like real human hair.

Get the appearance of an Instant Eye-Lift!

Save time! Mascara is optional.

No more tugging or pulling lashes while taking off mascara which can cause lashes to fall out.

Wake up looking refreshed each morning with naturally beautiful, hassle free, longer, and fuller lashes.

Caring for Your Lash Extensions

To protect the longevity of your beautiful Eye Lash Extensions:


Avoid water, heat, or steam on lashes within the first 24-48 hours.


Use only oil free based make-up removers and cleansers around the eye area.

Keep eye creams or oil based products away from your lashes.

Avoid Chlorine water for 72 hours.


Do not rub, tug, or pull on the extensions. This will cause your lashes to fall out and could harm your natural lashes.


Most mascara contain ingredients that will affect the adhesive causing your lashes to loosen or fall out. Ooh La Lashes has water-based mascara for eye lash extensions.


With gentle care and handling, your extensions will remain looking beautiful until your next fill-in appointment.


Refining Fill Appointments:


Ooh La Lashes recommends our refining fill appointments every 2-3 weeks to maintian your original set volume. Beyond 4 weeks, please inquire about additional time to achieve your desired set. A new set is required and charged at 5 weeks after initial set or last refinement fill.

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