Lash Out At Cancer

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How Lash Out at Cancer was Conceived ~ Gloria's Why 


When Gloria was 17 years old she found herself suddenly facing what cancer patients who have survived chemotherapy may refer to as a "new normal". Her story is not about cancer but rather thriving after a physical life challenge.


Her story is about an accident that in a millisecond changed her life and face forever.


The night of her auto accident, she worked over 18 hours and had been working overtime for the past two weeks to help with an upcoming trip. She was scheduled to fly the next day to Boise, Idaho for DECA. But, after work she was exhausted and hit a telephone pole head on. In that moment her life was forever changed.


Although she was just happy to be alive, the consequences of the accident were painful. She underwent multiple reconstructive surgeries throughout her senior year and until she was 21. During those years, she learned that although people were polite and kind, they judged initially based on the abnormal appearance of her face. It was difficult at times, but she gratefully moved forward to live as if her face was normal.



Three years ago Gloria found a lump in her right breast. The lump was detected during a mammogram. The doctor had a biopsy done and eventually had the lump removed. Thankfully, it was non-cancerous. The period between finding a lump and removal of the lump was a very emotional time for Gloria who quickly realized how life could forever change yet once again. She is so grateful that it did not, at least not thru cancer, and understands quite well what a patient who receives bad news may feel like…she felt it too. 


Those experiences have given her a true sense of what a patient and survivor may feel like and have gone through facing life with a "new normal." It is with this understanding that drives her determination and passion for lashing to help restore each woman's natural beauty one lash at a time.


Hope breathes life into our years, and with each gift of hope we improve the quality of those years. 

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